SDF believs that our Mohecs are part of the solution
Thermal MwH produced

The start of a journey

SDF is founded by an entrepreneurial driven team consisting out of a grower, a strategist, an energy specialist and an innovation specialist. After some time, it welcomed some additional grey hairs into the team to enhance the accounting and financing department. They team came together due to their shared passion for sustainability and innovation within the horticultural industry. The team consists out of a well-balanced mixture of experience, knowledge and youthful optimism. SDF offers well-fitting solutions due to its extensive knowledge of the problems our partners and clients face on a daily basis.

Our story is one of falling and rising. We made significant breakthroughs in our design and implementation after a period of extensive research and development. This eventually led to the creation of the Mohec. Mohec stands for Mobile Heat Exchange Container. A plug & play solution

Sustainable growth and development

The prototype designed by SDF was convincing enough to attract investments to support the further development of the Mohec. This allowed SDF to optimize and enhance its design and to test it out in the real world.

The demand for datacenters will consistently grow over the coming years. SDF believes that, if we want to facilitate this demand sustainably, we need to decentralize the datacenters and bring the residual heat to the locations that are most in need. Residual heat should become a crucial point of design for each newly developed datacenters. Making our need for data the means to enable the energy transition we so much need.